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Talisker Boots

Talisker Boots


It looks like the good old days when you would purchase an inexpensive cotton T-shirt sporting a distillery logo as a souvenir from Scotland are long gone. With unprecedented rise in whisky prices it seems that the focus of the various whisky paraphernalia manufacturers has shifted towards more wealthy customers, too. Hardly surprising, come to think of it. Suffice to take a glance at the offer of the most popular with tourists Scotch whisky distillery, namely Glenfiddich. The inexpensive T-shirts, logo-bearing backpacks and other accessories have been replaced by trendy cashmere jumpers, chic shawls and stylish jackets.

More and more frequent are offers of luxury goods designed in collaboration with whisky makers and offered as a sort of exclusive addition to the whisky they manufacture. Quite recently there has been designer flask made from aluminium, titanium and stainless steel from Macallan, offered at a staggering price of £2,000. The offer has now been sold out, which means the asking price for the luxury flask was not so staggering to quite a few whisky enthusiasts after all.

The time has come for footwear. Hand-made leather boots on thick, sturdy soles would stand apart from the offer of your regular shoe shop by the Talisker logo engraved on the rear part of the heels, as well as a miniature pocket holding a miniature 2oz stainless steel flask. What is more, the logo-bearing part of the heel is made of a fragment of a stave taken from oak casks used for maturing the whisky on the isle of Skye. The pocket and the flask also bear the Talisker logo. The boots are sold in a stylish oak case holding – apart from the boots – a bottle of Talikser 10yo single malt whisky.

The boots can be pre-ordered from the manufacturer, Oliver Sweeney, at £595 a pair, free delivery.



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