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Ardbeg Grooves?

Ardbeg Grooves?


It has been quite a few days since the information hit the news, and the Internet still cannot make up its mind about it. You cannot just ignore it, even if you do not believe it – it is about Ardbeg after all. And a new Ardbeg expression launch is always an emotional thing. 

The thing is, to be more precise, the label design of what seems to be another expression from the cult-status Islay distillery, Ardbeg Grooves. The design can be found on the website belonging to the American Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, better known as Tax and Trade Bureau, or simple TTB. 

There would be nothing unusual about Ardbeg announcing the launch of their new expression if it were not labelled as another Ardbeg Day whisky, to be launched in almost a year’s time! Many of us here remember this year’s Ardbeg Day, which took place on 3rd June. So if the information turns out to be true, it will top the Christmas decorations replacing Halloween shop displays. Or school utensils advertised within the first week of summer holidays. 

If it is not a fake, we are in for a very interesting whisky – peaty, smoky Ardbeg matured in heavily charred ex-wine casks. On the one hand, the impact of the wine, on the other – the heavy charring leading to deep grooves (hence the name) developing on the inside of the casks, offering deeper wood penetration and more charcoal filtering. Even if the whisky is not very old, it may have developed an interesting depth of flavours given such conditions. 

The label promises a spicy whisky, with smoke and fruit in it. There is also some vanilla popcorn, fresh flowers, distant bonfires… If it is a true description of a real whisky, well, we just can’t wait so long.

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