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New single cask expressions from GlenDronach

New single cask expressions from GlenDronach


Those of us who favour sherried whiskies will certainly be happy to hear about the new limited whisky expressions from GlenDronach, which are hitting the shelves of specialists whisky retailers right now.

GlenDronach is one of those distilleries that are famous for their fantastic expressions wholly or at least partially matured in ex-sherry casks. It is even more worth noting that at the moment such casks are becoming exceedingly rare and hard to find. More expensive, too, needless to say. It is therefore a rare feast to welcome the new batch of sherry-matured single cask whiskies from GlenDronach, a batch consisting of six different vintages, each bottled without chill-filtering and at cask strength. The new batch comes from oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. They are:

Vintage 1990 27yo, cask #7005, PX sherry puncheon, 53.4%
Vintage 1992 25yo, cask #52, sherry oloroso butt, 58.5%
Vintage 1992 25yo, cask #89, sherry oloroso butt, 57%
Vintage 1993 24yo, cask #43, sherry oloroso butt, 59.2%
Vintage 1994 22yo, cask #3379, PX sherry puncheon, 51.6%
Vintage 1995 21yo, cask #4418, PX sherry puncheon, 52.6%

It is already the 15th batch of single cask GlenDronach. The previous one was bottled in November last year. For the record, other renowned manufacturers of the so called sherry monsters include above all Glenfarclas and Aberlour. Macallan and Highland Park, who built their reputation on sherry cask expressions, have now been forced to abandon the practice in view of cask shortages and their brands’ popularity.



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